4x16 The Sunchine State

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4x16 The Sunchine State Empty 4x16 The Sunchine State

Писане  itzo1994 on Нед 21 Дек 2008, 10:14

Дата на излизане в САЩ:22.12.2008
Дата на излизане в България:23.12.2008

Lincoln is doing all he can to help Michael. He has teamed up with Gretchen, Self and Bagwell and have all gone to Miami to get back Scylla. Meanwhile Michael receives a mysterious visitor giving him 2 choices, join the company or die, and learns that his mother didn't just work for the company, she still does. Christina Rose Scofield is still alive.

Tова ще е последният епизод за 2008-ма, като 17-ти еп. не се знае кога ще бъде излъчен.

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4x16 The Sunchine State Empty Re: 4x16 The Sunchine State

Писане  handballgirl on Нед 21 Дек 2008, 18:05

обявявам три дневен траур bounce bounce
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